Headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA, Loyalty Networking is a subsidiary of Loyalty Brands, an umbrella company for franchisors focused on small business services.
Loyalty Networking is a marketing platform for professionals with a thirst to grow their business and diversify their sources of revenue. Our unique model offers our Network Partners ownership through an entrepreneurial endeavor that perfectly compliments any small business. It generates a passive income stream and converts marketing expenditures into revenue.
Loyalty Networking is flipping the script on the traditional structure of most networking businesses by offering professionals who possess a thriving entrepreneurial spirit and desire to lead a team with the opportunity to partner with us and build a network that will generate income as they broaden their professional connections and recruit member associates to their groups.
Loyalty Networking aims to cultivate extraordinary business leaders and incentivize them to recruit exceptional members by offering a network marketing business model that’s never been offered in the professional networking industry before.
Becoming a Network Partner provides passive income while you build your primary business. It’s the perfect compliment to any small business or entrepreneurial endeavor. By getting paid to market your business you’re making a wise decision to increase your income without adding more hours to your workload. It’s a formula that supports a desire to work smarter, not harder.
With a philosophy of “Your Network, Your Way”, the Loyalty Networking model provides it’s Network Partners flexibility with meeting requirements, agenda format, and group dynamic, which offers diversity and a continuum of value-added content for our members.
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