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The one-time purchase price of a chapter is $1500 and inclusive of your membership. Chapter owners also pay a quarterly innovation fee of $150. That fee enables us to continue to create the digital tools you need to be successful. We allow the purchase of up to 15 chapters per person or company, upon approval from our corporate office.

The annual membership is $549 U.S. & $735 Canada, per person. There is a one-time application fee of $150. Additionally, if you purchase a two-year membership you will receive 10% off your second year dues.

By becoming a member of Loyalty Networking you will engage in weekly chapter meetings to develop relationships with like-minded professionals and grow your referral base. As a member you can leverage the Loyalty Lifeline, your built-in advisory board to confidentially help you through your business challenges. We have a Loyalty Rewards & Partnership Perks program, that when you take advantage of could easily earn you back your membership fee! There are ongoing online & offline professional development and social events, locally and nationally, including an annual conference for you to engage in.

Absolutely! At Loyalty Networking we encourage inclusion. We believe it provides more opportunities for you to create valuable relationships and resources to help your business soar. Contact the chapter owners to arrange dates to visit their meetings.

Since chapters are individually owned that is a decision that each chapter leader makes upon discussion with their chapter members. However, we do encourage inclusion, especially if areas of expertise differ and the addition of a duplicate business executive will enhance the culture and good work of the chapter.

No. There is a vetting process that you will go through when you submit your application. The $150 covers the cost for our team to review your application, conduct due diligence, and create a member account upon your acceptance into the network.

If it has been determined that you've abused the system, shown gross negligence, discrimination, insubordination, or threatened a member of Loyalty Networking we do have the authority to revoke your membership after careful review, thorough documentation of the issue, and you've been formally notified of the matter.

Refer to the Chapter Leader Agreement.

Refer to the Chapter Leader Agreement.

If you are a member, but not a chapter leader, the referral fee is $150. If you are a chapter leader you will earn commission on the membership fees of that chapter leader and they will be placed on your downline.

Yes. We will work with you to find a chapter that best suits your business goals and one that will gain value by adding you to the group.

If you choose to start a chapter during your membership year you forfeit the remaining value on the membership and will pay the $1500 chapter purchase price.

Our goal is to make sure you can be successful. Your success is our success. While we don't offer exclusive regions we do cap each market. One chapter is equal to about 22,700 people. In a city with a population of 400,000 we will allow a total of 17 chapters.

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